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Co-living has  arrived in Seattle .

We opened the doors to The Hello alongside a variety of different shared spaces and facilities .  

Co-living offers a new way of living – a completely different experience when compared to a flatshare or renting out a studio. But how is it so different to what's already out there?  Here’s 10 reasons you should consider co-living.

1.    You get more bang for your buck!
Who else can boast about a gym, a laundrette, a convenience store, a cinema and a dedicated games room in their home? Co-living means you can use shared spaces and facilities you wouldn’t normally get in a normal flat share or a studio.    
2.    You can ditch the commute and work from home
3.    You’ll instantly expand your network and friendship circle , a built in community
4.    You’ll have no more excuses to just do something.
There’s a equipped gym literally downstairs that comes as part of your monthly bill. No excuses now.  Sorry.
5.    You can pay for everything with one monthly bill
No need to worry about reading the gas meter, figuring out how much your flatmate owes for electricity or getting the best deal for internet. It all comes as part of one monthly bill – rent, council tax, wi-fi, energy bills, access to communal spaces, the gym… you name it.
6.    You’ll never have to eat alone again (if that’s what you want)
Food brings people together, and with communal kitchens and dining rooms, you’ll never have to eat alone (unless you want to, of course – majority of rooms also come with a kitchenette).

7.    You’ll actually want to talk to your neighbours
12% of  young professionals we surveyed have never spoken to their neighbours… ever.
Those that did? 64% reported they just made small talk. Isn’t it a shame that we live in close proximity to others but don’t bother to actually get to know them? With a community of likeminded people brought together through communal spaces and events, you’ll actually want to know your neighbour.
8.    You don’t have to worry about cleaning
When you’ve had a hectic day, cleaning is the last thing you want to be doing. Thankfully, when co-living with us, your monthly bill  can also include room cleaning and linen changing every two weeks. That’s another load off your mind. Just let us know if your interested in this service.
9.    There’s a roof terrace  ! Need I say more? Lets Grill or just throw a party!
10.  Your next big idea can be just one chance encounter away

As Steve Jobs once said, “creativity comes from spontaneous meetings, from random discussions.”

Google call it the ‘casual collision’ and build their workspaces around it; we call it a ‘chance encounter’ and built our co-living spaces and community around it.  Opening yourself up to a chance encounter means you might bump into your next business partner, drinking buddy or big idea.
Not convinced about co-living yet? Come for a viewing and see for yourself.